Kicker Snowboards

About Kicker

Australian Owned LogoEverything at Kicker Snowboards is about you, the rider.  From our progressive board technology to our revolutionary graphics, we focus on giving you the ride of your life and the image you want!

Through years of riding, Kicker Snowboards has found what works and what doesn’t work in board designs. We have combined the best of everything that works into our boards so that every run you can strap on a Kicker for your satisfaction!

We are 100% Australian owned and each board is hand built by people that know their stuff, so you can ride with confidence knowing that your board is a premium product.  Professional snowboarders are riding our boards and creating hype on snowfields worldwide, so get on a board and join the Kicker Krew!

It’s more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle!

Kicker Snowboards Sunshine Valley