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 We want you to have a great relationship with your board!

Let us set you up with the right one!

  1. Choose the board that matches your riding style

  2. Look at our charts and determine your board size by weight and height

    Remember, the size is mainly up to personal preference, so don’t stress too much.
    If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us, we’re happy to help!

The longer the board, the wider it gets, giving you the optimal width to suit almost any size boot!

Our boards in a nutshell…

All mountain board - Kicker Shredder

Kicker Shredder Camber
 This board is a camber board and has a 2 inch setback which offers riders more stability in the snow by creating a longer nose.  With a flex rating of 7/10, this is our stiffest board and has the versatility to be ridden all mountain with its evenly pressured running surface with just the right balance of stiffness and pop.  Great for beginners or all-rounders!

Kicker Tricker

Kicker Tricker Camber
 This board is a hybrid camber with rocker over the length and camber under your feet.  A flex rating of 6/10 makes this a playful board with enough stiffness for powder days and for all types of riding.  Pop and playfulness make this an unforgettable hybrid camber for all types of riders and all types of terrain.

Kicker Picnic

 Kicker Picnic Camber
This board is a camber board with plenty of pop.  A flex rating of 3/10 sees this as our most flexible board. The beauty of this board is that the flexibility doesn’t compromise the strength and can still be ridden all mountain with an unbelievable amount of pop & playfulness!

Points to keep in mind:

  • If you are riding primarily park or freestyle, are a beginner, or are under average weight, best to pick a board at the shorter end of your sizing range
  • If you are riding primarily all mountain or are above average weight, best to pick a board at the longer end of your sizing range


Snowboard Size Chart - All Mountain Board

Kicker Shredder

Kicker All Mountain Board Sizing Chart




Snowboard Size Chart – Freeride & Park Board

Kicker Tricker & Kicker Picnic

Kicker Freeride and Park Board Sizing Chart